On this appearance with Fox 2 Now St. Louis, I discuss the impact that diet rules have. When you are on a diet, there is a list of the foods that you can and can not have.

This is the set up of dieting and what makes people feel like they are failing on a diet. They believe they are “bad” versus looking at the rules and the deprivation that is created, is what actually set them up to the diet to end, not the willpower.

Even when someone experiences weight loss from following a diet, especially the ones that cut out a whole food group, they will likely gain that weight, plus additional weight within one to five years. This is why depriving yourself of foods actually backfires.

If you would like to learn more about Intuitive Eating from a registered dietitian, and how you can be find a healthy relationship with food and your body without dieting call me today at 314-578-7429. Virtual sessions are available, along with in office appointments.


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