On this appearance with Show Me St. Louis, I discuss the impact that diet rules have. When we look at dieting, certain foods like pasta or bread get cut out. With that, an issue of morality gets created. When you don’t eat these foods, you are “good” and when you do eat them you are “bad.”

Because of this deprivation that gets created, you will overeat and binge on these foods, feeling out of control. This in turn makes you feel that you need to cut these foods out, which in turn just keeps you in this “forbidden fruit” cycle.

If you are in St. Louis, I will be giving a talk on Intuitive Eating March 9th at the Yoga and Spa Magazine Health and Wellness Expo at 10am at the Missouri Athletic Club West. 

If you would like to learn more about Intuitive Eating from a registered dietitian, and how you can be find a healthy relationship with food and your body without dieting call me today at 314-578-7429. Virtual sessions are available, along with in office appointments.


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