Reclaiming Intuition, An Intuitive Eating Workshop for Women

May 4th


Led by Shannon Hayes Buescher, MS, RD, LD and Kelly Caul, LSCW



Join myself and Kelly Caul, LCSW, for a powerful afternoon of learning, exploring and discussing the obstacles that stand in your way of loving and accepting your body. We will look at the impact of the cultural messages that we have been conditioned to have with food, diet, beauty and self-care. We will look at the inner critic that we all have, and what purpose it has and how we can change the relationship that most of us have with it. We will learn about Intuitive Eating and ways to nourish your body. We will look at how to cultivate body acceptance, love and respect.

Most of all, we will gather together as a group of women, and experience the power that exists when we are in support of one another.

May 4th 1-4pm
Empowered Spaces- 7602 Big Bend Blvd 63119
Cost: $90 per person or $150 when you come with a friend (Girls day!)
Limited need-based scholarships available.

Call 314-578-7429 or email me to reserve your spot. Space is limited so don’t delay!

Information coming soon

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