Body Love Meditation

When it comes to meditation, there can be a million blocks that can stand in the way. Time, thoughts racing, how do you do it? These were some of the things that held me back from incorporating meditation into a daily practice. But then about two years ago, I found a...

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The Truth Behind the Diet Industry

If you have read my articles, you know I am always pointing out how the diet industry is multi-billion-dollar industry. $60 billion to be exact. Let that sink in. Think about the diet books, plans, bars or supplements you have purchased, all to lose weight. You just...

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What Makes You Move?

Exercise, activity, movement. Do all three of these words have the same meaning to you? If you have been a dieter, the only word the “counts” is exercise. Activity is something your kids do, and movement doesn’t count unless you are profusely sweating so that it can...

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The Moral Issue of Food

In today’s diet society, food is labeled good or bad. Certain foods are loaded with guilt because of the messages we are sent about these foods through our diet culture. Because we are bombarded with these messages, it somehow gets interpreted that as a person, you...

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