Beyond your surface is to help people look at what is under their food relationship. Yes, we have an actual relationship with food. For some people, this a non-issue. They eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full. They eat what makes their body feel good and what they are wanting. Yes, these people do actually exist. Well, I’d project that at least half of Americans, are not that way. The majority of people have been riding some sort of diet train, getting on and off throughout the years, searching for the next one that will stick. Along the way, they have picked up the passengers of guilt, shame and failure. What people don’t want to see is that emotions dictate the journey of the train. People like to stay very “surface” when it comes to food and weight. It’s safer that way- to keep it about tangible things such as what foods to eat or not eat, or if the scale is moving up or down. It’s much harder to look at what lies beyond the surface of food and weight because emotions get involved and who wants to talk about that?!

My purpose of this blog, is to speak a different language when it comes to food, and more importantly your relationship with food and your body. My hope is to help you on a journey that allows you to get off the never ending diet train and start a path that feels empowering, loving and honoring to yourself.

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