This week is such perfect week to be talking about how to raise an intuitive eater! It is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Eating disorders are much more than just the food. But it is an integral part. How someone feels about their body is set when they are young. It is being aware of what the talk of food and body is at home. A lot of “value” on body can be placed and a sense of morality with food. This can greatly impact your child.

When a child grows up with certain foods off limits or told how much to eat, a power struggle often ensues. This can be really frustrating for a lot of parents. Parents may be struggling with their own food issues or old wounds with body that they then put onto their children.

In this segment with Fox 2, I talk all about this, and how you can implement a division of responsibility with your child to minimize food power struggles. Click here to watch!


If you want learn more, come to my talk on Raising An Intuitive Eater, March 10th at 7 pm. Go to to purchase your ticket!

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