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Shannon Hayes Buescher

Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Many people believe in the diet myths that are out there and base their eating beliefs and patterns on those. We are surrounded by a $40 billion diet industry that does a great job in making us believe that we need to follow their diet or exercise plan to achieve the weight loss goal we are searching for.  Diets do not work. A person does not “fail” a diet. The diet actually fails you. It creates deprivation, hunger, rules and retaliation that keeps you on a cycle of off and on. 

I want to provide my clients accurate information to combat those belief systems and patterns. I want to help my client see that they can reject the diet mentality and find the peace they have been searching for by learning to trust themselves again.

With this trust, I believe you can discover all that lies under the struggles of food and your body. You reveal and sometimes, meet for the first time, new parts of you that dieting has covered up. I want to help you find what it is  that you have actually been hungry for, and discover the ways that you truly need to be nourished.

In 2019, I joined The Center, founded by Dr. Karen Grayson. The Center is a space dedicated to growth, inspiration and deep inner work- a place for people to discover their fullest potential. This new space offers opportunities for Shannon to hold workshops and groups and to create a sense of community for those looking to turn inward on the journey of healing their relationship with food and their body. 

I am not the “cookie cutter” dietitian. We certainly look at eating plans, which will vary on the type of person that I am seeing and what they are struggling with. We will look at fear foods and challenges with food, if needed. But most importantly, we look at and work on what your relationship is with food and how to reconnect to your body.

In addition to meeting with clients at my Chesterfield office I offer virtual sessions for your convenience.

About Shannon

Shannon is a registered and licensed dietitian. She attended Buffalo State College and earned a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. She then went on to receive her Masters in Nutrition and Physical Performance Degree from Saint Louis University. Shannon possesses over fifteen years of experience with nutritional counseling in weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition and eating disorders.

As a former high school and collegiate athlete, Shannon first started her dietetic career focusing on female athletes and sports performance. As she worked more with this population, she saw more of these women struggling with eating disorders. Shannon continued to work with female athletes, but emphasized her work with eating disorder clients.While Shannon started her private practice in 2005, she began working at McCallum Place, an intensive treatment facility for eating disorders. Shannon met with patients both individually and in group settings to address nutritional needs and work on the relationship with food and body.  In 2007, Shannon devoted full time to her private practice and continues that today.

In 2016, Shannon became an Intuitive Eating counselor. She completed the training with Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN,  one of the co-authors of Intuitive Eating. Shannon is passionate about helping those that have struggled with constant dieting, weight cycling or  yo-yo dieting to rediscover trust with themselves again and find a healthy relationship with food.

Shannon is not the “average” dietitian. She is a nutritional counselor. Most often, Shannon is working with a therapist to help optimize the self-discovery and healing in the process of creating a new relationship with food and body.  Shannon helps you to look beyond the surface food and your body and discover the emotions that are attached to the excess or lack of food.  She helps you look at how you are prioritizing food and yourself in your life. She encourages changing the language you use with food and yourself to be kinder, more loving and self-honoring.

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