I hope that my words have genuinely found who they are meant to impact. Because it is YOU that I see when I write them. I see you struggling with never feeling enough. Never feeling like you are getting it right. Never feeling like you will measure up.
I see how you take this out on your body. The discomfort that you feel inside of yourself. The critiquing, the comparing, the should-ing. Using food to escape, to numb, to soothe. Resisting that urge of hunger because this time you will loose the weight. You’ve done countless diets. The ones that you knew were crazy, but felt desperate to do. The ones that were hidden behind “health,” only to secretly pray the scale would move. You’ve killed yourself at the gym, climbing hundreds of stairs, running countless miles, pushing more and more weight. But still searching for what more you can do.
Maybe you grew up in a body that was told it wasn’t right or feel the pressure to keep your body a certain size. Maybe you were taught that your appearance and your body are the most important things to value in life. However you found yourself here, my hope is that you see that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can find peace. You can find respect for your body and all that it has done for you. You can even find love and gratefulness for it.
There is no love in this war that you fight with yourself. There is only fear. Fear will only keep you where you are. And that is not where you are meant to stay. You are meant to grow and evolve. Having a war with your body will only hinder you growing to your fullest potential. You can not grow with hate, anger and mistrust. You can only grow with forgiveness, self-compassion and love.
My hope is that my words and my work will help you trust that you can walk away from the diet cycle you are on. To let go of the pressure you put upon yourself and see the possibility that you can listen to YOU. I promise you the answers are inside of you. And I can promise you that the next diet, workout routine, shake or pill will only move you further away from that.
What you find turning inwards is the reason you are standing where you are.
This inward journey guides you to look at yourself through a different lens. One of love and self-compassion. One that has you no longer hiding food or eating in secret. One that has you honoring your body from what, how and when you eat to how your body wants to move.
I know very few people who haven’t been impacted in some way by our diet culture. I’ve seen myself, my family, my friends-both men and women, colleagues and acquaintances all struggle with varying degrees of the pressure that our culture puts on us. No one is immune to it. But it is how we let it impact us that is the difference.
So put fear aside. You are enough, just as you are, even with all those broken pieces. You have so much love inside of you, even if you don’t see it. If you are hearing these words, it shows you that it IS there. Because that is the part I am talking to.
I hope that these words are the ones that you needed to hear. We all need to reminded that the answers are already inside of us. That love can guide you to do such great things for others and most of all, yourself.❤️

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