Weight Watchers introduce new weight-loss App for kids

On this appearance with Fox 2, I discuss, WW, formally known as Weight Watchers, new targeted audience of children ages 8-17 years old with their new app, Kurbo. This app sets up a color system with food which promotes good foods and bad foods. This relationship with food is terribly unhealthy and creates more disordered eating behaviors with food. To help a child have a healthy relationship with food and their body, parents should prioritize meal time, not discuss weight, but rather the health of their body and teach their child to listen to their body.

If you would like to learn more about Intuitive Eating from a registered dietitian, and how you can be find a healthy relationship with food and your body without dieting call me today at 314-578-7429. Virtual sessions are available, along with private one on one sessions. 


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